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Speak to a doctor NOW about getting effective prescription medication you need today, so you have it on hand the next time you feel that tingle on your lip. 

Don't sit back and wait for your next painful cold sore outbreak!


 Prescription cold sore medication is most effective when taken at the very first signs of an outbreak.



Why choose  LIPSERVICE

Convienient Online Diagnosis
We provide a fast diagnosis and treatment plan from board certified US physicians, all from the comfort of your home.  No more doctor's visits or waiting rooms.  
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Evidence-based prescription medication,  proven to decrease the healing time and pain associated with your cold sore.   We provide a unique combination of oral and topical prescription medication to help fight off the herpes outbreak and decrease the irritation, redness, and pain.
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Research proves early treatment with prescription medication reduces the duration and pain associated with your cold sore and can often stop the outbreak in it's tracks! Early treatment can decrease viral shedding, which can lessen the risk of spreading the herpes virus to loved ones.
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Doctor Review

Our board certified doctors will review your case and evaluate which cold sore treatment is best for you in as little as 30 minutes.



Once approved, our doctors will send proven, effective oral Herpes prescription medication immediately to your pharmacy so you can start treatment AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Meet a LIPSERVICE doctor

Dr. Tuan Nguyen, MD is a board certified family medicine physician. Dr Nguyen completed his residency at Mercy Health Partners where he was named associate Chief Resident. After residency, he began practicing hospitalist medicine and eventually started his own practice in Naples, Florida which currently has over 15 providers. Dr Nguyen was the Chief Medical Informatics Officer for Naples Community Hospital for 5 years and has been in practice for more then 10 years. He was awarded the Carl W. Lieberman, M.D. Award for medical excellence in 2014 and Physician of the Year in 2015  at Naples Community Hospital.


“Providing exceptional and compassionate medical care for every patient I encounter has been the number one priority of my medical career”

                     - Tuan Nguyen, M.D.

Tuan Nguyen, MD


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